• Sanjay K. Jha

    14, Nov, 2018 14:30 - Care or Not Care: Security in Internet of Things (IoT)
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  • Ongoing Project:

    Digitalization of the European Industry
    Fraunhofer Gesellshaft
    Airbus Group
    BMW - Bayrische Motoren Werke AG
    Volvo Technology AB Sweden
    NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH
    SAP AG
    Philips Lighting B.V. Nederlands
     Robert Bosch GMBH
    ABB AG

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  • Ongoing Project:

    Building Trust in the Internet of Things
    NXP Semiconductors
    Siemens AG
    Philips Nederland
     Robert Bosch GMBH

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  • Ongoing Project:

    Novel Validation Procedures for Highly Automated Systems
    Airbus Defence & Space
    Siemens AG
    Philips Nederland
    Renault SAS
    Toyota Motor Europe

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13, Dec, 2017

CISTER soon to welcome new research scholars

To maintain its pace and quality of research, CISTER regularly intakes high quality research students using competitive calls. During 2017, CISTER launched multiple calls for PhD student positions in the area of Real-Time & Embedded Computing (RTES). The CISTER selection committee, made up of its research members, received over hundred applications from twenty countries spread all over world. Out of these, with a rigorous multi-stage evaluation process, five highly motivated candidates were selected.

The selected candidates are from prestigious institutions in Chile, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan and Russia. CISTER intends to announce further calls this year for motivated research candidates in RTES.

8, Dec, 2017

Achievements in Academia

CISTER Member plays key role in shaping IEEE program for young professionals

The IEEE Young Professionals program is run for members who are in an early stage of their career. It offers networking events with technical experts and industry leaders as well as a host of volunteering roles.

CISTER PhD candidate Shashank Gaur has been part of this leadership team for eight years. His role is to form partnerships across IEEE technical societies to find new opportunities for Young Professionals members. That includes helping develop micro volunteering roles for those who want to get involved with the organization but lack sufficient time. At CISTER, Gaur's PhD work focuses on context-aware computing in wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things.

30, Nov, 2017

Achievements in Academia

CISTER researcher is now an ACM distinguished speaker

ACM Speakers represent a broad range of companies, colleges and universities. They are thought leaders, speaking on important current topics in computing. CISTER researcher Anis Koubaa has now joined this list.

Along with his positions at CISTER and at Prince Sultan University, he also holds various advisory positions. He is the Editor in Chief of the Robotics Software Engineering topic of the International Journal of Advanced Robotics Systems, Associate Editor in the Cyber-Physical Journal (Taylor & Francis). He is the author of six books with Springer on robots, sensor networks and Robot Operating Systems (ROS). He is the author of more than 190 journal and conference publications, and one patent. He has also received several research grants as principal investigator.

His current research deals with providing solutions towards the integration of robots and drones into the Internet of Things (IoT) and clouds, in the context of cloud robotics. His research interests also include Robot Operating System (ROS), Robotic Software Engineering, Wireless communication for the IoT, real-time communication, safety and security for cloud robotics, intelligent algorithms’ design for mobile robots, and multi-robot task allocation.

28, Nov, 2017

Activities in the Centre

Conclusion of the 2017 Summer Internship

17, Nov, 2017

Activities in the Centre

European Association on Higher Education visits CISTER

17, Nov, 2017

Achievements in Academia

Another student graduates with highest honours

Humberto Carvalho, advised by CISTER researchers Geoffrey Nelissen and Eduardo Tovar, successfully defended his Master thesis with a perfect grade of 20 (on a scale of 20).

Humberto’s thesis was on the topic of "Scheduling High Criticality Real-Time Systems". Particularly, he focused on issues faced by the avionics industry. He proposed a new solution for a relevant problem in systems with stringent isolation requirements between applications, as is the case in aircrafts. The solution was to generate a cyclic executive schedule that optimizes the number of context switches between avionic partitions.

We wish the best to Humberto for his future career.

9, Nov, 2017

Achievements in Academia

Keynote given in Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering

CISTER director Eduardo Tovar gave a keynote at the 7th Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC 2017), in Curitiba, Brazil. The Symposium is an initiative of the research community originally associated with three workshops on Operating Systems (WSO), Embedded Systems (WSE) and Real-Time Systems (WTR), acknowledging the strong synergy between these three areas. His talk “Information processing for extreme dense sensing - timeliness and scalability issues” was well received and ended with a lively Q&A.
He also presented the paper “Formal Verification of AADL Models Using UPPAAL”, authored by Fernando Gonçalves (UFSC - Florianópolis, SC, Brazil), CISTER researchers David Pereira and Eduardo Tovar, and Leandro Becker (UFSC - Florianópolis, SC, Brazil).

7, Nov, 2017

Activities in the Centre

CISTER Industry Seminar with João Rodrigues

30, Oct, 2017

Progress in Projects

PT2020 project on Smartgrid moves ahead

CISTER met with EFACEC associates to discuss the status and future steps of the DSGrid project. DSGrid, part of the PT2020 program, aims to develop technical knowledge, engineering skills and products towards the establishment of third generation automation systems for substations, and similar smart-grid applications. It works on smarter transmission and distribution grids to deliver answer to the challenges of operational optimization of grid assets and systems.

The project is owned by EFACEC with contributions by EDP Distribuição, ISEP (through CISTER) and the University of Minho (through HASLab). CISTER is central to the innovations related to embedded systems and to provide tools and analysis related to the systems’ temporal properties.

The meetings, attended by Rui Dias Jorge and Fernando Gomes from EFACEC along with CISTER researchers Eduardo Tovar, Raghuraman Rangarajan, David Pereira, and Pedro Santos, evaluated the current progress and discussed potential future work based on the issues arising from the prototyping by EFACEC. This includes analysis of network architectures for timing synchronization in digital substations, analysis of task separation in multicore processors and development of a toolchain.


20, Oct, 2017

Activities in the Centre

Portuguese Aeronautics, Space and Defence Cluster visits CISTER

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