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CISTER participates in the construction of innovative national aircraft

20, Sep, 2023

The "Aero.Next Portugal" Agenda comprises four vertical programs and two transversal programs (Workpackages or WPs) that synergize to address strategic aeronautical sector priorities. This agenda empowers the national value chain by expanding its role in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing both manned and unmanned aircraft from Portugal, enhancing the country's decision-making capabilities. It aims to consolidate engineering expertise and develop critical mass for operating unmanned aircraft and offering data intelligence services.

The four vertical WPs focus on strengthening engineering capabilities for manned (ARL) and unmanned (ARX) aircraft, certifiable systems, and marketable aero-structure engineering. They also target product development and maintenance services for large aircraft using UAS (ILAN VR) and advancing UAS flying platforms, safety components, and integrated digital solutions for advanced air mobility.

Furthermore, the agenda includes two transversal WPs—one for enhancing additive manufacturing (AM) competences in the aeronautical sector and another for managing and disseminating Aero.Next Portugal's results, including new knowledge, products, processes, and services, to ensure smooth execution.

In the "Aero.Next Portugal" agenda, ISEP/CISTER and GMV will collaborate in WP ARX to customize a secure real-time embedded operating system. Additionally, in WP ARL, they will work together on developing the aircraft mission system. The focus will be on specifying a secure real-time on-board operating system based on ARM architecture to meet the demanding information processing needs essential for RPAS mission success.