About the Workshop

The WFCS'2000 is the only IEEE event dedicated to communication systems in industrial automation:

This year we are expecting around 100 attendees from all over the world. A large number from the automation industry. Apart from regular sessions, work-in-progress sessions and keynote talks addressing state-of-the-art aspects of factory communication systems, there will be a number of initiatives directed to industry and to industrialists. A small industrial exhibition is being set up to take place in parallel with the workshop. There will also be a "hands-on" workshop in co-operation with leading companies in the industrial automation area. Special sessions on Industrial Experience and Practice of Factory Communication Systems are also being planned. The aim of this session is to provide a forum for discussion between academics and industrialists who are both working on factory communication systems.


The aim of these sessions is to provide a forum for discussion between academics and industrialists working on factory communication systems.


Real-time issues in factory communications: message scheduling, distributed application support; Dependability issues in factory communications: safety, security, availability and reliability; Formal description techniques for the verification, validation and test of factory communication systems; The integration of the emerging information technologies with the factory communication systems.

Workshop topics:

Real-time communication and applicationsFieldbus networks
Dependable communication and applicationsCell networks
Communications and applications modelingHigh speed networks
Multimedia communication supportBuilding automation networks
Distributed application platforms (CORBA, Java/Jini, etc.)Wireless networks
Internetworking, interoperabilityEmbedded networks
Configuration tools and network managementIntranet and internet access
Factory applications and case studies