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Sérgio Filipe, Siemens, Portugal

Sérgio Filipe Dipl. Mgmt. (OU) studied Management at the Open University Business School London (England), currently finishing a M.B.A. at the same University. He started his work in 1991 in the Siemens Energy and Industry Department on Variable Speed Drives. In 1993 he was responsible for the ISO 9001 certification of the same department. In 1994 he moved to Siemens AG (Germany) with the responsibility for Standard Drives in South Europe. In 1995 he is transferred to England to take over the World-wide responsibility on Consumer Drives being responsible for the launch of: MicroMaster 2nd and 3rd generation, MicroMaster Junior and CombiMaster. In 1998 he moved to the U.S.A. being responsible for the Industrial segment for Siemens Microelectronics (today's Infineon Technologies Corp.) in the NAFTA market. Since January 2000 he is the Automation Director for Siemens S.A. Portugal

Office address:

Siemens S.A.
Rua Irmãos Siemens Nr. 1
2720-093 Amadora

Tel.: +351 21 417 8838
Fax.: +351 21 417 8089
Mail: sergio.filipe@lis1.siemens.pt
Internet: http://www.siemens.pt

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