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Real-Time JAVA in the Area of Industrial Automation
Joachim Freitag, Siemens, Germany

On the way to a global automation the internet is a important part. By using the internet protocols with Java we can to a big step towards the vision of a global automation network. That's why we see in Java a good tool case for diagnostic and observation systems for industrial controllers. We present the basics of Java, a secure and modern programming language. Java can be used in a real-time environment, if you use special programming advice. For connecting the I/O signals SICOMP JFPC (Java for process control) is used. It maps the symbolic addresses of Java to the HW addresses. By using Java, JFPC and a http-server the advantages of the internet and new solutions can be used. Siemens already provides this Java solution for the real-time sector and enables the customer to benefit from the advantages of using Java as the programming language for industrial control applications.

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