ZigBee WG


TinyOS 2.0 ZigBee Working Group



The purpose of the TinyOS ZigBee WG is to
1- Implement and maintain a standard-compliant implementation of the ZigBee-Pro specs,
2- Build the ZigBee stack upon the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol stack developed by the TinyOS 802.15.4 WG,
3- Provide enhancements/variants/add-ons to the ZigBee standard protocol in terms of of QoS, synchronization services, security, low-power routing, etc.

The prospective implementation of the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee protocol stack under TinyOS will be based on the merging of two already existing implementations from ISEP-IPP (open-ZB.net) and TUB (TKN154).


Goals for 2009

1- Implementation of ZigBee routing protocols: cluster-tree routing, mesh routing,
2- Low Power Routing Extension,
3- Implementation of Application Layer Features,
4- Implementation of Security Mechanisms,
5- Export the implementation to TOSSIM,
6- Align Network Layer interfaces with MAC interfaces of the TinyOS 15.4 WG implementation.


WG Chair

Anis Koubâa (ISEP/IPP-HURRAY, Porto, Portugal) <aska (at) isep.ipp.pt>


Current Members

Marco Tiloca (UNIPI, Pisa, Italy) <mtylok (at) tin.it>
JeongGil Ko (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA) <jgko (at) cs.jhu.edu>
Jan Hauer (Technical University of Berlin, Germany) <hauer (at) tkn.tu-berlin.de
Ricardo Severino (Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal) <rars (at) isep.ipp.pt>
Antonio Romano (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy) <romano (at) gandalf.sssup.it >
Omar Cheikhrouhou (Higher Institute of Technological Studies, Tunisia) <omar.cheikhrouhou (at) isetsf.rnu.tn >
Martin Turon (Crossbow Technologies, San Jose, CA, USA) <mturon (at) xbow.com>


Mailing Lists

tinyos-zigbee-wg is only open to WG members but the list archives are publically accessible.

Internal Working Group Discussion: tinyos-zigbee-wg (at) mail.millennium.berkeley.edu

Public Discussion/Comment: tinyos-devel (at) mail.millennium.berkeley.edu

You can join tinyos-devel here.

Archives: http://mail.millennium.berkeley.edu/pipermail/tinyos-zigbee-wg/


Membership Policy

We are looking for potential contributors that wish to actively participate in the implementation, evaluation, improvement of the ZigBee protocol stack. If you would like to join the WG, you should send an email to the TinyOs ZigBee WG chair, who will forward the message to all members for discussion. Admittance is based on group consensus. When consensus is reached, a member of the WG will forward the group's decision to you.
Your application request must include the following information: (1) General research information about the applicant (2) expected contribution to the WG, (2) prior works, and (3) area of expertise with respect to ZigBee WG.

If you need any information, feel free to contact the WG Chair <aska (at) isep.ipp.pt>

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