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A Platform for Scalable Aggregate Computations in Cyber-Physical Systems

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We focus on large-scale and dense deeply embedded systems where, due to the large amount of information generated by all nodes, even simple aggregate computations such as the minimum value (MIN) of the sensor readings become notoriously expensive to obtain.

While recent research has exploited a dominance-based protocol for computing aggregate quantities in wired systems. In the wireless domain though, there are still a number of challenges to overcome so that such approaches become competitive. Our main contribution is a novel hardware/software architecture that proves to be efficient (low overhead, and low energy consumption) for supporting aggregate computations in wireless systems. We performed a comprehensive evaluation of the platform using real hardware implementations.

We advocate that our platform efficiently enables aggregate computations that exploit dominance Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols. This approach enables upcoming large-scale and dense deeply embedded systems, where the physical dynamics is tightly coupled with computation.


Platform Schematics


Addon-On and Daughter Boards

Achieving dominance in the wireless domain is challenging and, to address these challenges, a prototype platform was developed in the form of an add-on board that can be plugged into common WSN platforms such as theMica family (Mica,Mica2 andMicaZ) and the CMU-FireFly 14. This design allows us to use other resources (hardware and software) that exist in those common platforms.

The schematics for the platform are available as pdf files or eagle cad schematics files (sch):


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